By Samuel Martínez

Volume editor, cultural anthropologist Samuel Martínez sets forth key themes to be developed in the chapters which follow.

Study Questions

  1. What are some pragmatic reasons why Martínez holds that government immigration policy should be more attentive to migrants’ safety and rights?
  2. Martínez advocates for the immigration debate to be widened to take consideration of a range of policy concerns that might not seem at first glance to be related to immigration. What concerns? Why should they be considered in the immigration debate?

Critical Thinking

  1. Agree/disagree: The global wave of immigrants arriving on the shores of North America and Western Europe has been triggered by the political and economic upheavals generated by economic globalization and recent neo-liberal reforms in the migrants’ home countries.
  2. Regardless of whether you would identify as an immigration “liberal” or an immigration “restrictionist,” name at least one thing that people of the other camp are right about.